Reno Satanic’s End-of-Year Karma Box Drive

Reno Satanic Karma Box Drive

If you are a Reno local we are sure that you have heard of or have seen these little boxes posted through out the city called a Karma Box. during the summer months we scouted out a few of these boxes seeing which need to get filled and which boxes get filled regularly. It came to a shock that these boxes always seem to be empty. So us here at Reno Satanic came together and decided that the Karma Boxes where going to be our end of the year charity drive recipient.

We started with getting the word out that we are taking in donations with a post on our public Facebook page on October 21st, that read,

“We are doing our end-of-year charity benefitting the Northern Nevada Karma boxes! For those not in the know, the Karma Boxes are little cabinets around town that community members fill with food, pet food, hygiene items, and other comforts to help our neighbors in need. The drive will start October 1 and run through December 31 with monthly drop-offs of collected items. We will be needing both supplies and volunteers to stock the boxes. Because of Covid safety measures, please contact if you would like to donate, or get items off of our amazon wishlist:

If you have ideas of items that you think would benefit our neighbors-in-need, please drop them in the comments below. More info to come!”

On October 30th, we set out to do the first supplies drop. As we drove around from box to box with a few volunteers it broke our hearts to see every box either empty “except for a few Bibles.” Broken with missing roofs or doors, or that the a box wasn’t even there at all. So we wrote the the people in charge of maintaining the boxes. Well also reached out to a well know satanic themed podcast if these would like to help out in the donation drive. On October 20th on episode 82- History of Witchcraft of Black Mass Appeal they gave us a shout out and help get the help we needed on the airwaves.

With that shout out the donation started showing up just in time for our next drop. November 14th, was the next night we decided to go out and do the devils good work. After a very successful drop, we posted on our public Facebook page ounce again,
“This was quite successful! After the first round, we wrote to the people in charge of the Karma Box in Reno. Not only are more people starting to fill the boxes on their own, we managed to get a box put back up in front of the Catholic Church on 2nd and Arlington! It was packed so full the door would not close.

We give special thanks to our friends at Black Mass Appeal podcast, for giving a small shout-out that got the word out and the donations coming in. It blew all of us away how much people care and want to help the community by sending in their donations.

We are still driving forward in this campaign and we will be doing the next drop on December 12th. If you would like to donate here is our Amazon wish list:…

Thank you all and to the biggest little city in the world, we say Hail Satan!”

As Donations where still rolling in we started to get ready for the next drop. December 13th its was a down poor of rain but we did not let that stop us. We were already a day behind and we set off to deliver the supplies in the rain. That night we posted once again to our Facebook public group page,

“Tonight when it’s was dark and pouring rain we still came through and were able to fill the karma boxes and to meet face-to-face with some unsheltered folks this evening and help them out with a few extra gifts. Thank you all who participated in donations and their time. We decided that we’re still collecting donations till December 31 also will be doing one more drop off in January thank you all and hail Satan.”

January 3rd we did the last drop for the drive with the last bit of the remaining donations. In the year or 2020 with so much uncertainty it was good to help out with what we could. Because at the end of the day we don’t get thank yous and don’t need to be thanked. We did this to not only get the attention on something that the Reno community needed to pay attention to, but also because we wanted to show compassion to those in need of it the most. We here at Reno Satanic are proud to help the Community that we call home,
and to that we say happy New Years, and to the biggest little city in the world we give you a huge Hail Satan!

        From the founder of Reno Satanic
        Damien Maze

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