Frequently Asked Questions

Are you guys The Satanic Temple?

No, although we agree strongly with their Seven Tenets and are working hard to one day be recognized by TST as a potential regional Chapter, we are not an official Chapter or affiliated. Some of our members, however, are also members of TST and Friends of the Satanic Temple Nevada.

Are you the Church of Satan?

No. We are active in the community, as the Church of Satan is only active on Twitter. We are also not affiliated with any of the other Satanic groups out there.

How do I get involved?

Easy: follow us on any of our social media pages, sign up for our newsletter and participate in our local events. In the interest of building community, we are trying to schedule regular, bi-weekly meetups and monthly events. We announce these on all of our channels and constantly seek input to better schedule and serve our Reno Satanic community.

Why Satan?

As most of our members are non-theistic/atheist we do not believe in an actual Satan (nor God). Many coming from a religious background or from the Western Tradition understand Satan as a symbol of rebellion against tyranny and the unjust. We value the idea of Satan in the sense of the Adversary.

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