The Greater Northern Nevada Region is experiencing a huge population surge and, with that, new influences, energy, and ideas. Recognizing this opportunity to reach out to like-minded people in our area, Reno Satanic was created to provide a supportive satanic community for members, friends, and allies to explore our philosophy, religion, and art.

We are a non-theistic/atheist group that does not believe in an actual Satan or God. We are not a Chapter of nor affiliated with The Satanic Temple, but we believe their tenets as just another tool. We have no relationship with the Church of Satan or any other satanic groups.

We are inspired by the art and folklore of Satan to push-back against arbitrary authority, to break down negative cultural institutions, and to be in opposition through our community outreach, events, direct action.

We choose to challenge that there is only one “right way” to live one’s life and seek to create a space for our members and allies to experience an authentic, reason-based, non-theistic religious community. We will help put an end to the stigma of what it means to be a Satanist in the 21st century.